Lofts With The ‘Wow!’ Factor

Creating new rooms

If you want to add a study, a whole new master bedroom suite or just a little hideaway, a loft conversion is probably the easiest and most cost-effective way of doing it. What was once a dusty void becomes a warm and airy room flooded with light. Whether it’s for you, the kids or visiting guests is up to you.

Best choice we have made by choosing Fairview Constructions for our house improvement project. Very professional team, attention to detail and good advices through. Very pleased with everything. Highly recommending. We will be returning for any future projects.

Z. Dybre, South East London

Types of loft conversion

  • Rooflight: The simplest type of conversion. The roofline remains untouched but flat windows are inserted into it. This keeps the cost of the project to a minimum.
  • Dormer: With a pitched roof, a box-like structure with flat top is added to the roofline. This increases the volume of the loft, so you have a bigger room. It cost a little more, but can be good value for money.
  • Mansard: Similar to a dormer extension, but a little bit more attractive in shape. These can be used to add a whole new storey to the house while still looking great. They work well on period or flat-roofed buildings.

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